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presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> right now, as we go on the air, bye-bye publishes the results of its own
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investigations -- bp publishes the results of its own investigation. will it accept responsibility or play the blame game? >> history shows in most cases it is all to do with how procedures are implemented. welcome to "gmt." i'm george alagiah. also in the program -- football down under. she lay's trapped miners watch the national team -- chile's trapped miners. and moves on the dance floor -- what women look for. it is early morning in washington, 7:00 p.m. in hong kong and midday in london, headquarters of the oil giant bp. it is releasing the results of
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its own investigation of the explosion of the gulf of mexico rig that killed 11 workers and led to america's worst ever oil spill. one thing is clear -- it will not be the last word on the matter. >> originally some feared bp's reporting might exonerate the company entirely. in fact, the report admits some blame does attached to bp. it will give the inquiry reasonable credibility on both sides of the atlantic. one area of focus is the communication between the company and its contractors, particularly trans ocean, operator of the rig. >> this is a case between the operator and the drilling company at all the other contractors. those interfaces have to be handled more effectively. it is often in those interfaces were problems occur.
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>> the report was designed to answer, among other things, what led to the failure of the steel casing lighting the well. it allowed gas and oil to leak. why test failed to identify the leak and the fact that oil and gas or wood -- moving up. and why the blowout to prevent the, the stack of valves on the seabed designed to stop oil and gas, failed. last week engineers recovered the blowout preventer. it will now be thoroughly examined and the results will form the basis of further inquiries. even though it's today's report answer some technical questions about the reason for the explosion, far bigger questions remain. to what extent will bp be allowed to continue to invest in american deepwater oil fields and what new safety restrictions might be applied to all companies drilling in such circumstances? at stake is the price and the future availability of oil.
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bbc news. >> our correspondent and the simpson is in bp headquarters in central london. a whole lot riding on this report, emma. >> it is. this is a very big moment in this long-running story. five months after the worst oil spill in american history, we will get the first detailed picture of what went wrong. so far we have little pieces of disjointed evidence. hopefully today through this internal report we will get the first detailed picture of what went wrong. also interesting way, what we need to look out for, is how much responsibility bp is going to shoulder in this internal report. it is being published on line as we speak. it is eagerly awaited. there will be possible implications for the whole oil industry and the possible future of the border drilling. there will be some 200 pages of
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technical evidence. there is clearly going to be a good deal of material to read. of course, we will give you the headlines when we managed to rebound. >> thank you very much. let us take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. president barack obama is back a new company tax breaks in an attempt to regain the initiative as a midterm poll's loom. he is lobbying -- lobbying congress to let companies in the u.s. write off investment costs until 2011. what do business people think of this measure? a report from new jersey. all right -- let us go to washington now and talk to jake sherman. thank you for being with us. it really is not a particularly good time to be this particular president of the united states
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at the moment, at the polls are right. >> no, absolutely not. as you just mentioned. it is very difficult for this president. congress has been a lot of money revamping health care, saving family banks and other things that have gone along with the economic calamity we have been experiencing. and there is just not an appetite -- many did not see this appetite to spend more money, even if put tens of -- is potentially it could create jobs down the road. >> what he is trying to do with this new package i have been just talking about is to boost the democrats' hopes before the midterm elections, but it does president obama remain a political asset for those who are up for reelection? >> in certain segments of the country, absolutely. . won two years ago by and large margin but in some parts of the country, democrats got control of the congress by winning traditionally republican seats. now these republicans who had voted with the president and of
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the geordie democrats and house are in trouble because their constituents are not as liberal as maybe the president and speaker nancy pelosi are. the president is kind of a difficult figure right now to bring on the campaign. >> go ahead -- sorry to interrupt. i am told even up in wisconsin that someone was kind of away when the president visited. >> senator russ fine gold, who is facing a very difficult race for his seat in wisconsin -- ross feingold, a pretty liberal democrat, he said he was at a parade in his home town when the president came to milwaukee, one of the state's largest cities. you kind of see this around the country where members of congress may be an ongoing out with the presence becomes are even asking them not to come. so the president right now, as democrats head into what is expected to be a particularly bloody mid term, the president is not a figure you always want of the campaign trail. >> couldn't it be argued, though, that this happens to all incumbents at this time in their
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presidency? reagan, you can list them all. >> absolutely. some would argue that it absolutely to better government down the road, a split house that is one party and the president that is another. but for this president it has been particularly difficult given the recession this country has been in and also democrats in congress and the white house has spent a lot of money. if that right now is out of jive with where the american people are. >> very briefly this bp report due out today, has that had an effect of the president, the whole saga? >> it has. the republicans have been able to paint the president as almost and competent and slow to respond. that might be a bit of a stretch. but this has certainly in away at some of his credibility in the gulf and the gulf is traditionally difficult place for democrats to win, a pretty red republican state. but the oil was billing for weeks and weeks on end and it did not seem like the president or anybody could kind of stop
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it. and there was a certain frustration with the president in his management skills. but as things tend to do in this country with the 24-hour media climate, it has kind of faded in the background as we looked at other issues. but listen, any news could be bad news for the present at this point. -- president at this point. he does not want to see this report, out, it is safe to say. >> and the philippines, the trial has begun for a politician accused of taking a leading part in the country's worst mass killing last november. andal ampatuan jnr denies he organized the ambush of a political rival convoy in which almost 60 people were killed. u.s. police at los angeles international airport said a bomb warning on an incoming plane was a hoax after no evidence of explosives were found. the thai airways airliner had a written bomb threat in a bathroom window.
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-- mayor. mexican authorities believe two bodies found are those of officials investigating the massacre of more than 70 migrants last month. the officials have been missing ever since they took part in the initial investigation. they may be separated by 700 meters of rock but the chapped shelf -- trapped chilean miners and families were together in spirit yesternight as they both supported the national soccer team. a small tv ski -- screen was lowered into the mind. gideon long has this report from santiago. >> /over half a kilometre of rock but today, united by football. as these relatives watched chile's match in their makeshift camp, the miners trapped below were watching it to on a tiny tv screen lowered it down. but not all the miners are chilean, this one is from
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neighboring bolivia. today his wife and father-in- law that the bolivian president. the drama at the san jose mine has brought these two andean nations, and in it -- enemies in the past, closer together. >> chile is up and all they can to rescue them, working hard. i congratulate the chilean government. >> across the border engineers are still digging ted a potential escape chefs for the trapped men. >> we are moving forward. this drill has drilled another 23 meters in the last 24 hours and it has completed 130 meters in total. the t-130 started drilling last white, after the technical difficulties and yesterday were sorted out. so far a total of 123 meters. >> in the next few days the rescue team will start work on a third escape shaft. but they know there is still a
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long way to go. a team of experts from nasa who visited the mine last week sounded a warning. >> there will be great challenges ahead. i think they are just now entering a period of the long run. and they are just beginning to confront some of the issues that they will have been there in a long duration. >> for the relatives, too, this will be a long wait. this camp has become their home. many say they will not leave it until their men are rescued. begin the long, bbc news, santiago. >> still to come on "gmt," international condemnation of the plans of the u.s. church to burn copies of the car around -- copies of the koran on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. tropical storm is making its way north of the raging through
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mexico and southern texas. it has now weekends but many in mexico were forced from their homes by the torrential rains and heavy flooding. some areas experience there highest rainfall on record. three states on the gulf coast with the worst hit -- were the worst hit. >> covered by water. bearing the brunt of torrential rains. in states like this, streets of turned into rivers. for some, swimming has become the only way to move around. thousands of residents were evacuated by a -- authorities and fear of mudslides. president felipe a. calderon and visited the area and admitted the situation is serious. >> we are experiencing an unusually rainy season, which is not only the highest rainfall recorded in history, but it almost, at least in this basin,
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doubled the amount of rain we have never received. >> meanwhile the north of mexico and southern texas cleaned up the damage left behind by the tropical storm, which caused power cuts and landslides. it the storm weekend after making landfall in the gulf of mexico coast, bringing relief to an area still recovering from the devastation of hurricane alex last summer. bbc news, mexico city. then an aftershock reported to be the strongest since saturday's earthquake in new zealand has had christchurch. a state of emergency is in the city, which suffered severe damage, it has been extended for another week. the city suffered severe damage in the original quake. the treasury secretary said the final bill may reach almost $3 billion. that is almost double the initial estimates we got just after the earthquake struck. this is "gmt" from bbc world
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news. i'm george alagiah. the deadline -- bp just published the results of an internal investigation into the gulf oil spill. it blames a sequence of failures by several parties. the trapped chilean miners enjoyed a football game on television while rescuers are preparing a third option to bring them out. here the business news. >> vodafone exiting china. when most companies are trying to get into china. vodafone pocketed $6.5 billion, after selling its 3.2% stake in china's biggest chinese wireless company. the buyers of the stake, of which there may be set up -- several, are yet to be identified. why did vodafone choose to sell
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its stake now? let us go to david. always good to see you. i was just saying, it is an interesting time. just when most companies were trying to get a slice of the chinese growth pie, vodafone is getting out. >> i think if you go back as far as the turn-of-the-century, i think 2001, when vodafone paid 252 billion euro for management, there were drowning in debt for so many years despite the fact it were the biggest mobile phone operator. chris was years ahead of the game. you recall they paid some to 3ge 22 billion po lyses -- or their share of it. it paid about $8 billion themselves. what happened with vodafone is it had an enormous amount of debts and its share prices have gone between 1 pound, up to 1.60 pounds.
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since the chief executive was appointed, i think he is trying to keep -- clean the book up because he realizes it that when they are not in core businesses they are taking their eye off the ball. the investment has clean 100% from the original investment. that will be used to pay down debt and do more share buybacks. >> can i quickly ask you, we have a lot of u.s. audience watching this. of course vodafone has a big chunk in verizon. are they reversing their early strategy of buying big in other markets around the world? what could it mean for that stake in the u.s.? >> vodafone's management has been under pressure, particularly the chairman due to go sen. but this stake in verizon has not paid a dividend. there may be capital appreciation but it does not been a great time for telecoms
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and i think unbalanced people would like to see them come out of verizon. -- on a balance, people like to see them come out of verizon. the emerging markets, that is where vodafone has to concentrate. europe is saturated. they have a very good joint venture with hutcheson essar in india. >> very briefly. the bp report is out. digesting it, of course. what will markets look for? >> look at the share price, 415 p -- it was up 10 p before the announcement. i think they feel -- yes, there will be enormous liabilities but i am not as certain as it will be as much as even the 20 billion, which has gone into a special account accord -- courtesy of president obama. we do not know the cost of the investigation going forward but
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certainly bp are clear in their own mind that they are not wholly to blame and i expect that looking their chops at the possibility of what might happen and the coffers may overflow the next 10 years. democrat thing stuff from you always. speak to you soon. -- always cracking stuff from you always. speak to you soon. the high yen is really hurting the big exporters. and i want to show you europe because it has been down, but there you go, it has picked up -- the ftse is up. that is it for business, george. >> thank you very much. let me bring you the latest on that bp report. i have a summary with me. it says no single factor caused the welsh rabbit -- tragedy, namely a sequence involving a number of different parties, led to the explosion and fire that killed 11 people and caused widespread pollution. the outgoing chief executive, tony hayward, came in for a lot
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of criticism. here is a quote from him saying -- multiple partners, including -- and the names bp but also halliburton and transit -- trans ocean, saying they were all involved. looks like spreading the blame, the responsibility, if you like, through a number of companies including bp itself. we will look at that again in the future, no doubt. condemnation from the white house, nato, european union and many others appears to have had little affect on plans by a pastor in florida to burn copies of the koran on anniversary of the september 11 attacks. terry jones's combination is just 50 but now the center of an international controversy. >> the dell world outreach center was an obscure half-and local church until pastor terry jones announced his plans -- dove world out rescinded.
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he plans to george copies of the koran. he says it is a message of defiance to radical islam but he is being universally criticized. >> i am heartened by the clear and unequivocal condemnation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act that has, from american religious leaders of all faiths, from evangelical christians to jewish rabbis as well as secular u.s. leaders and opinion makers. >> the plant event has already proved incendiary in afghanistan where protesters burned effigies of pastor jones and from where nato boss a commanding general has warned of retaliatory attacks on american troops. but with some 200 korans at the ready, the pastor insists his bonfire will go ahead. >> if we don't do it, when do we stop backing down? when do we stop getting into is louisiana, or radical islam?
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when they burn the flag, when they kill christians, when they burn churches? >> a religious row was already simmering over a plan to build a mosque and community center just a short distance from ground zero and a mess pastor jones lands, this year's september 11 could become a public relations disaster. bbc news, washington. >> more on this, of the law from the middle eastern team of the bbc center. how is the arab media reacted to this story? >> they burn the koran de store has been the top story on the leading arabic channels. for example, aljazeera described it as an unprecedented and ferocious attack against islam muslims. your correspondent has said many
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muslims canceled events for fear of attacks on their lives. in other parts of the media, especially the middle east and press, there has been more factual reporting as opposed to commentaries and materials. the store has not made to -- the front pages of many from pages and the least but in london the store was in the front pages. >> sorry to interrupt. are they making it clear that this is a tiny congregation in florida, something like 50 people, and that there is plenty of condemnation not just from authorities but also local communities and so on? >> what has been consistent so far is along with the reports expressing fears among u.s. muslims, that criticism with and that u.s. is fervent as well, especially from the white house, the state department, and some of the religious leaders in the u.s. a itself.
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what we can see is there is a lot of sense of alarm in the press, especially in the middle east. i am reading some lines from an editorial in an arabic newspaper based in london and it says that burning the copies of the koran on that day will lead to bloody wars. >> abdullah, leading to reprisals -- i heard you. but i have to stop it. thank you very much. >> men have been saying for ages but science took awhile to catch up. men dancing bad they are a complete turn off. british scientists believe it is wired in the genes, the dancing may be in dick -- in big of of good health and reproductive potential. our science correspondent reports. >> do you have the right moves to be a hit on the dance floor? >> i wanted you to dance for 30 seconds. >> here in new castle,
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researchers are trying to find out what the right moves are. they have asked the young men to dance in a laboratory. these movements were then converted into a computer- generated cartoon which women raped on a scale from one to 7. >> good dancers are guys who are making lots of variable movements, movements that are large in amplitude, quite big movements, but it is variable. sometimes they make a large movement and sometimes they make a small movement and it is specifically the movement of the head, the neck and upper body. >> this is what works. more movement of the torso, neck, and head. and variation, too. the experiment was inspired after watching birds. like many animals, they use movement as part of the courtship rituals to show they have good kinetics. the scientists say the same may well be true of people.
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they found from blood tests that those who dance well are healthier. for now, it is official. men who brush up on their moves really can't stand out on the dance floor. -- can stand out on the dance floor. >> at least the producers did not ask for a demonstration from me. before we go, a taste of what is coming up later on bbc world news america with matt frye. much more on it bp's internal investigation of the gulf of mexico oil spill. all the information and reaction from the communities. goodbye, and stay well. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to
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